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Dutch Multiplier Event Newcomers in the Kitchen

The final assignment for the Newcomers in the Kitchen project was on Thursday 23 January 2020. It was an event where third-year students from MBO Voeding showed interested parties what they have done and made in the project. The total… Continue Reading →

Multiplier event at alte mensa of the Kiezküchen company in Berlin

“NIK – Newcomers in the Kitchen”, a European project aims to integrate young people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds into the world of education and work through cooking together. At the same time, young people are to be enabled… Continue Reading →

Libraries in Denmark testing NIK GAME

Vollsmose Library in Odense Denmark has installed NIK GAME on iPads, available in the library room. Vollsmose library is located in a multi-ethnic residential area and is therefore a relevant place related to the target group in The NIK project…. Continue Reading →

Healthy start of 2020 with a delicious NIK recipe: Vegan Falafal with tzatsiki

Vegan and Gluten free Falafel (15 portions)  Falafels are deep-fried dumpings made from garbanzo beans or chickpears. From the Middle-East – officially Syrian national food. Nowadays falafel is an important vegetarian food also in Finland. Ingredients 2,5 dl of dry chickpears  3 tablespoons olive oil  2 teaspoons cumin  2 teaspoons of coriander  1 teaspoon salt  1 teaspoon baking soda   Crushed garlic clove … Continue Reading →

Cooking brings people together and helps migrants to integrate

Newcomers in the kitchen project is unique, so called delicious project! The NIK-project aims to enhance integration by cooking together with locals and migrants. The Netherlands coordinates this project,and Sataedu VET school from Finland, is doing this project with Belgium,… Continue Reading →

Pre-Christmas cooking session in Berlin

Our pre-Christmas cooking session took place on 3.12.2019 at Salon Sari-Sari in Berlin. All the participants were invited to bring their favourite recipes and share them with the others. Result: a colourful table full of delicious dishes from around the… Continue Reading →

Syr: a crowdfunded citizen initiative in Utrecht in the Netherlands

Over the past few years many newcomers have arrived in the Netherlands, including from Syria. People with talents, dreams and ambitions. At restaurant Syr they can use these talents and further develop their skills, making them feel at home in… Continue Reading →

Milestone: our NIK-Game is ready!

Just Game IT and the NIK project partners worked hard to release our own NIK-game and it is ready! The game can be downloaded from the Play store and Apple store. Just search for NIK game. The goal of the… Continue Reading →

NIK part of Impact Prize Contest 2019

The teachers of Clusius College have sent in the NIK project in order to compete for the “impact prize contest 2019” within the category VET. The contest is organized by GroenPact a Dutch networking organization for sharing and transferring knowledge… Continue Reading →

International cuisines – Nepal

Food culture, or national cuisine, is a selection of dishes and a common vocabulary known and produced by a nation or other grup. Food culture also encompasses the social side of eating, the values and symbolic meanings of food choices,… Continue Reading →

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