The partners of the consortium have collected a set of recipes that are suitable for cooking sessions with students and Newecomers. These recipies were thoroughly tested during the cooking sessions within the different partner countries and described accorking to a clear format.

Alle the recipes can be found on this website according the following categories:

Type of Recipe

  • Starter
  • Main course
  • Side Dish
  • Dessert

From Region

  • Europe
  • Middle-East
  • North Africa

Learning outcomes

During the cooking sessions the following learning outcomes can be achieved by using these recipes.


  • Can recall and recognise characteristic meals and beverages of the home countries of the participants.


  • Can recall and recognise the main ingredients and tools of these characteristic meals.
  • Is familiar with the spoken language of these meals, beverages and ingredients of the host country.
  • Can apply the recipe of at least one characteristic meal of the host country.
  • Can recall and describe the main hygiene measures in the host country.
  • The spoken language related to the host country has improved. The newcomer can name at least 10 new words of the host country.


  • Can recognise and choose local, fresh and seasonal products/ingredients for recipes