Context and justification

Many people from the Middle East and North Africa come to Europe, to live and to work. That is not easy. Also 2nd and 3d generation children have problems with integration. Among these groups there are potential valuable workforces, where European population is getting older and shrinking. The project “Newcomers in the Kitchen” (NIK) speaks from Newcomers. To use this potential, integration is important.

Integration includes the entry of young children in the educational system, with many challenges:

  • Language and culture of the host country,
  • Different educational systems,
  • Lack of social contacts with neighbours or other representatives of the new country,
  • Growing separation and reducing tolerance.

Contacts can be simply created via culinary activities. Multicultural cooking together with children, parents and teachers creates a better understanding. Modern materials such as an App will help. VET students will present it in primary/secondary schools. VET image will improve and more.

Objectives and target groups
In general, NIK contributes to a better integration of Newcomers. NIK focuses on VET students and pupils from primary/secondary including teachers (and parents).
Main objective

To develop learning material about food, both from host countries and from the Newcomers.

Specific objectives

  • To give Newcomers a better knowledge of the language and culture of the European host countries,
  • To stimulate Newcomers to participate more in the educational system, including VET, and feel at home,
  • To contribute to a more attractive VET, with more participants,
  • To support the participation of Newcomers in the European labour market.

The project has ended at the end of 2020.