The European Union (EU) has several common instruments helping individuals in transfer, recognition and accumulation of their assessed learning outcomes, to achieve a qualification or to take part in lifelong learning. The European credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET) is one of these instruments; it uses flexible and individualised learning pathways, including transnational mobility.

 ECVET allows learners to accumulate, transfer and use their learning in units as these units are achieved. This enables building a qualification at learners’ own pace from learning outcomes acquired in formal, non-formal and informal contexts, in their own country and abroad. The system is based on units of learning outcomes as part of qualifications that can be assessed and validated.

It offers a framework for making learners more mobile and qualifications more portable, laying down principles and technical specifications and making use of existing national legislation and regulations. It applies to VET (vocational education and training) qualifications at all levels of the European qualifications framework.

We have developed a document with ECVET Compliant Guidelines to help the partners to implement ECVET in the project. The document can be downloaded – ECVET Course Compliant Guidelines NIK (concept)

Sources and Further reading

  • ECVET Toolbox Website: – here