The collection of social media and Educational apps is expanding every day and the possibilities to use the tools in an educational setting are innumerable.

Benefits of Educational Apps

Educational apps can never replace the teacher, but they can  improve and support the learning process as a tool for teachers, students and even parents.

Some of the befits of educational apps are

  • Individually focused
  • Personalised
  • Interactivity and engagement
  • Active and not passive
  • Availability anywhere & 24/7
  • Connectivity
  • Track progress
  • Actual content
  • Endless repetition
  • Always patience
  • No judgement

How to find the right app?

To overcome the problem of the ongoing development of new apps every day websites arise that help teachers and schools to  select the best educational tools based on a ranking, description of good practices and/or a search. Some are commercial , others are for free, developed with public money or  highly motivated teachers themselves. Just search the internet and you will find what your are looking for. Here are just some nice examples.

60 Awesome Educational apps You need to download know They tried and tested every Apple and Android app, researched their educational benefits, and shortlisted 60 top educational apps for all ages.

The 55 best Freed Education apps for I-pad  by Teachthought We grow teachers.

The Education app-store, with over over 3000 certified and classified apps (also free apps). They also  keep a list of the best cooking apps: Issa’s edible adventures, Grandma’s kitchen, Toca Kitchen, My Panda chef.

Eduapp  has launched in The Netherlands just over 2 years ago. Eduapp is a community of ambitious teachers who come together to share their work, insights and inspiration about apps in education. .Currently they have over 30.000 teachers connected, sharing and advancing the transformation use of technology in education. The international version will be launched very soon.