Just Game IT and the NIK project partners worked hard to release our own NIK-game and it is ready! The game can be downloaded from the Play store and Apple store. Just search for NIK game.

The goal of the game is to collect all the ingredients of a meal and carry them to a cook to prepare the meal. The game is an important part of the project. NIK partners Just Game It (NL) and Tartu Kunstikool (EST) have completed this game, which can be played by students on their mobile phone. Other partners can invite their students to play it. The game is about food and made in such a way that language doesn’t play an important role. It is just fun with some basic info about food and about countries involved.

Readers of this newsitem are invited to play this game themselves. Go to your app store and download the game. The name is “NIK game”.

The serious gamers are invited to fill in a questionnaire about the game. You can find it here.