The teachers of the department food of Clusius College have made the manual for the students who are involved in the project.

During 8 weeks the food technology students will work on the project.
The first day is February 11.

In week 7 the cooking event will take place (April 1). In week 8 the evaluation of the project is planned during which all results will be presented (April 8).


  1. Game
  2. the students will test the game when it is ready for the test phase
  3. Cooking event
  4. The students will test a 3 course meal in preparation for the cooking event on April 1, 2019. During this event they will cook this meal together with theĀ  new comer pupils. They are invited to come-up with other ideas for activities on this day. Suggestions are: a workshop about hygiene, a workshop about healthy food, a workshop about tasting herbs and spices etc. Students of the floristry department will decorate the dining area with flower arrangements.
  5. Multiplier event
  6. Next to the cooking event the students will be involved in organizing the multiplier event. The date is not set yet, it will be in school year 2019/2020. The students will make a video of the cooking event. They will design invitations for the multiplier event to be sent to contacts outside of Clusius College. A decision will be made on what to prepare for the attendees enabling them to taste some dishes.
  7. Execution
  8. The students will be responsible for these events and will organize everything from A to Z. They need several skills for this purpose, a.o. the ability to cooperate with others, make a planning: who does what and when and how to make a budget.
  9. Cooperation with each other is an important part of the project. The students have experienced this already the practical lessons as well as in two other projects. Therefore they know which obstacles may occur. The teachers have stressed the students to refresh their memories by reading the chapter social skills in their book.
  10. Next to this they need to report every week at the end of the work day which agreements and activities they have made. To enable the students to do a good job, they will be educated in business meeting techniques and effective communication. Moreover there will be a guest teacher who will teach them how to cook and serve large groups. How to plan and budget will be a theoretical component in the lessons.


At the end of this period the following deliverables are expected

  1. Test of the game and recipes
  2. Organization and execution of the cooking event
  3. A video of the cooking event with the newcomers that will be showed at the multiplier event
  4. A program, plan of action, announcement and invitation for the multiplier event
  5. Written report of meetings, cooperation, managing, budgeting and planning


  • Presence at the project days must be 100%. In case of absence they must catch up at a later date
  • Commitment and attitude
  • Quality of the deliverables


A.The complete organization of the cooking event as well as the multiplier event:

  • Students are responsible for allocation of duties and groups
  • Organize meetings (agenda, report, chairperson, attendees)
  • Cooperation, give feed back
  • Come-up with ideas for activities at the cooking event
  • Financial accountability: calculate the cost price (of the recipes and the event, order ingredients) and stay within budget
  • Make a (short term and long term) planning in which several departments are involved (ERP)
  • Networking, promoting and presenting yourself
  • Make the scenario

B. To show the ability to cooperate

C. To be 100% present

D. To keep record of the meetings. During the project the students learn how to have a meeting. The  documents (agenda, reports, etc.) need to be stored in the ELO.

E.  To inform the group what has been done and what will be done next week after each project day


3 hours theory lessons per week on:

  • Meeting techniques
  • Financial management
  • Multi department planning
  • A guest teacher who will speak about cooking, serving and set tables  for large groups
  • Practical lessons during which the recipes for the menu will be tested
  • The menu that will be prepared