The cooking lessons are is a cooperation between UngOdense and Kold College.

10 cooking lessons between newcomers and VET-teachers as well as language teachers will be conducted with focus on the Danish open sandwich.

Professional content of lessons e.g.:

  • Fermenting
  • Canning
  • Salting
  • Smoking

The product made in the individual lessons will be made with spices and “flavors” known by the newcomers and will be merged with the traditional Danish open sandwich. We anticipate that for the newcomer to know the “flavors” the will be more motivated trying out more traditional Danish dishes.

General content of lessons e.g.:

  • Sustainability (buying local and seasonal produce)
  • Food culture (other typical Danish dishes and produce)
  • General food hygiene

The final day family/parents to the newcomers are invited to try the Danish open sandwiches.”