NIK Sataedu arranged a multicultural food event on 16.11.2018 in one of the Sataedu’s VET-schools in Satakunta, Finland.
NIK and ESF-funded project called On Steps to Learning in Satakunta did a co-operation in organizing the event.
About 200 VET-students took part in Tolerance day’s activities. The main goal was to give knowledge about multiculturalism with different quizzes, activities and encouraging the meetings between Finnish and migrant students.

NIK prepared with Sataedu’s VET-students different types of food that were offered to participants.

NIK’s food were:

  • Saaristolaisleipä (Finnish Archipelago Bread) and goat`s cheese From Finland
  • Revani – sweet Turkish semolina cake
  • Vegetable-borscht soup – from Ukraine
  • Indian Dahl – lensed lens and Mangolassi
  • Meatballs in Italian style

NIK was certainly one of the most popular event stand!