To get inspirerd for our project Jeanette Vaarum from Odense Kommune in Denmark had her  first school day with newcomers at KOLD College in Odense.

The young newcomers at Kold College are preparing themselves to the educational system in Denmark by learning Danish for foreigners and having some lessons in math and English. To using the Danish language and math, they are working together in cooking classes.

A cooking class starts by meeting the education manager at the Catering Department, Michael Edsen-Johansen. Together with the Danish teacher the students gather in the canteen of the school.

They discuss all the ingredients of the dishes in Danish, talk about their origin, from which regions they originate and how the ingredients are called in their own country. It was very enlightening for all of us. A nice start of the day for cooking and working with each other .

The cooking classes programme ends by a “Danish open sandwich event” for their families at the beginning of November 2018. The newcomers  organise the meeting and are going to prepare different  kinds of dishes for this event.

The ultimate goal is to lear the newcomers Danish in an informal way while presenting educational opportunities at KOLD College.

During my visit at the classes they  made pickles pears and buckwheat delights. It was also the intention to make fermented garlic but there was not enough time. This will be their starting point during the next cooking lesson next week.

And I have to say, it was informal and a very nice and lovely to interact with all the students. We talked and laughed a lot while they were cooking.

I’m looking forward tasting the merged  Danish- foreign kitchen at the Open Sandwich event.