Finally Odense Libraries and Citizens Service, Kold College and Ung 10+ Odense succeeded in completing the long-awaited Multiplier Event in Denmark. The first event was canceled back in March 2020 due to Corona.

But in the beginning of October 2020, the event was held at Kold College in Odense.

Prior to the event, the library had purchased several cookbooks with recipes from different countries around the world, which the teachers have used in their teaching prior to the event. The aim was to prepare the students for the cooking and to raise awareness of the many library offers among the newcomers and students.

The Multiplier Event started with a presentation of the NIK project in general, the learning materials, game and recipes that have been produced during the project period.

The main attraction of the day was the common cooking session, and all students and teachers was very excited about this part of the day.

Prior to cooking, the teachers had selected various salty and sweet recipes from the NIK website for the students to use in their cooking.

There was a good and active atmosphere in the huge kitchen, where fish meatballs, cinnamon ice cream, steamed muffins, salads, pizza, baba ganoush, meringue roulade and much more were cooked.

After the cooking session, the food was presented nicely on the table so that everyone else could come and see the great results.

When the day was over, everyone was very happy and tired. The teachers experienced committed and happy students who said: “I will go home happy from school today”. Any greater success to achieve on a day like this?

There was a common desire to continue the collaboration between the schools, so that cooking can be put on the newcomers school schedule more often.

The day after the Multiplier Event, all newcomers and their teachers went to the library to register as patrons so they can all benefit from the library’s many offers. Teachers and students also agreed that they should spend more time playing NIK GAME, so they agreed to play the game two days after ME.

The conclusion after ME in Denmark is still, that cooking helps to break down barriers, create friendships and increase understanding of each other’s stories and cultures.