Association 2050 is organizing the cooking event and the multiplier event of NIK in Italy.

Both events will take place on September 20th at the bio farm Rio Selva located in the province of Treviso. “Gusti e Gesti: l’inclusione vien mangiando al Rio Selva” is the title that intends to highlight the universal values of food and dialogue among cultures as well as the importance of skills for jobs and learning for newcomers.

The event is organized with the local network of 2050: Rio Selva, an educational and social farm, the Municipality of San donà di Piave, the Cooperative Il Villaggio Globale, and the national program “SIPROIMI” for the integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

The cooking event will involve some newcomers with the farm cook and educators of the Rio Selva farm, together they will cook local and ethnic recipes.

While a group will cook, the invited participants will explore and meet on the farm, learning and playing together on the topic of sustainable food for all.

The multiplier event will be around the common table: between meals, 2050 will present the main results and IO of the project, including the different manuals produced and the NIK game. Other presentations of the local network will focus on the importance of VET and activities for developing skills of newcomers.

The event will end with the interviews to four newcomers, their stories and recipes will be the base for a NIK publication that will be circulated in the final months of the project.