Cultural background

Badenjani Borani is a classic starter from Afghanistan. It is made from fried eggplants, peeled tomatoes, potatoes, low-fat curd and garlic. This recipe was handed in by Mohammad, originally from Afghanistan, who moved to Berlin in 2015.

Culinaiy Information

For 4 persons.


  • Eggplants (1 kg)
  • 2 medium-sized peeled tomatos
  • 2 big potatoes
  • Low-fat curd (250 gr.)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • A pinch of salt, pepper
  • 3-4 soupspoons of oil


The preparation takes about 1,5 hours.


  • Peel the eggplants, cut them in slices of roughly 1 cm.
  • Add some oil to a pan and fry the eggplant on a medium-heat for 5 min.
  • Dice the tomatos, press 1 clove of garlic and put in a pot with a pinch of salt and
  • pepper.
  • Add the oil.
  • Slice the potatoes and add to another pot.
  • Transfer the eggplants from the pan to the potatoes. Add the tomato sauce. Cook for 20 min on a low heat.


  • Press the remaining garlic clove and mix with the curd and 2-3 soupspoons of water. Add a pinch of salt.

Use a big serving platter and spread about 2/3 of the curd. Add the broth on top. Garnish with the remaining curd.

Serve with bread