Cultural background

My name is Anniina. I am 35 years old from West coast of Finland. I am married to a Scottish man & have four children. As I have been busy as a mother & housewife, I have little professional experience. I have always been interested in food preparation and natural ingredients. So I think that I am suited to a chef’s profession, using wholesome foods.

Finland is situated in Northern Europe and we are well known for the natural beauty of our country. With a small population of about 5,5 million, we are able to enjoy many forests and over a thousand lakes. We are lucky to be able to pick berries, mushrooms and wild herbs, not to mention the freshwater fish from the lakes and the Baltic.

Saaristolaisleipä is traditional bread in the Southern and Western coastal areas of Finland. It is expensive to buy in a store, but it is a cheap and easily made bread at home. Although the ingredients might not be too easy to find, they are readily available in even the smallest Finnish grocery store.

Culinary information

Saaristolaisleipä: this recipe is for 3 loaves and costs about 4€
Preparation time is about 2-3 hours


  • 1L butter milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 75g fresh yeast
  • 3dl dark syrup
  • 3dl brown malt
  • 1 1/2dl rye bran
  • 1 1/2dl oat bran
  • 3dl rye flour
  • 10dl wheat flour

Syrup water: 1 1/2dl water 1/2dl syrup


Step1 Weigh the dry ingredients into a large bowl
Step2 Warm the buttermilk to body temperature. Measure syrup and yeast into bowl and pour warm buttermilk over them. Mix until combined, with wooden spoon.

Step 3 Pour dry ingredients into the bowl with buttermilk. Mix well till everything is combined. Cover up with baking cloth and let rise 1,5 hours.

Step 4 Turn on the oven to 175 degrees. Divide the dough into 3 pots for each of the amount of dough.

Step 5 Bake the breads altogether for 2 hours. Heat the water and syrup. Brush them properly with water and syrup mixture at the end of cooking.

Other aspects

  • Let the mature breads cool down. At best the breads are after 2-3 days. Store in the cool place.
  • You can serve this bread as a starter with coat cheese mousse.