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Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Cultural background Foods cooked tagine-style appeared in The Thousand and One Nights in the ninth century. In the book “Tagines & Couscous” author Ghillie Basan traces the flavours of the Moroccan tagine: “Although originally a Berber dish, the tagine has… Continue Reading →

Baba Ganoush

Cultural background The Oxford English Dictionary defines “baba ganoush” as “a Middle Eastern (originally Lebanese) dish of puréed roasted aubergine, garlic, and tahini.” Often other ingredients are added, like mint, onions, and various spices. It is a typical meze (‘starter’)… Continue Reading →

Italian Peperonata: Cod spread on bread

Cultural background The peperonata is a very tasty summer side dish, ideal as an accompaniment to delicate meats or fish. It is a very ancient typical Mediterranean recipe, perhaps coming from the Hellenistic tradition, it is very popular and appreciated… Continue Reading →

Shahi Chicken

Cultural background Shahi Chicken korma originated in 16th century with an experiment of Rajput cooks under the supervision of Mir Bakawal (chief cook) in the royal kitchen of Akbar (Mughal Emperor from 1542 to 1605). In Mughal era Shahi Chicken… Continue Reading →

Seppie con polenta: Cuttlefish with polenta

Cultural background Cuttlefish with polenta are one of the most typical dishes of the Venetian tradition and very easy to prepare and brings together seafood typical from the Mediterranean and the polenta from the peasant tradition. The pot for the… Continue Reading →

Chicken karahi

Cultural background  Biryani is derived from the Farsi word ‘Birian’. Based on the name, and cooking style (Dum), one can conclude that the dish originated in Persia and/or Arabia. It could have come from Persia via Afghanistan to North India…. Continue Reading →

Zaeti: Cornmeal cookies with raisins

Cultural background Carlo Goldoni, the famous Venetian playwright mentioned Zaeti in his plays. They are typical Venetian biscuits and take their name from the yellowish color they take as they are prepared with part of cornmeal. It is an ancient… Continue Reading →

Cicchetto con crema di merluzzo: Cod spread and bread

Cultural background Cicchetti are small snacks, similar in concept to famous Spanish tapas, which are typically eaten accompanied by a small glass of wine, called an ombra in the wine bars (osterie or bacari). In Italian culture, especially in north-east of Italy,… Continue Reading →

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