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Cinnamon Ice-cream

Cultural Background In the 16thcentury the Sicilian pulpier Ruggeri won the glorious competition of the Catharina de ‘Medici with a creation of “a frozen sweetness”. He instantly became famous for it and soon the delicacy spread over to Italy. Ice… Continue Reading →

Hangop with grilled oranges

Culturele achtergrond Hangop is an old Dutch dessert made from strained yoghurt or buttermilk. In the past when the milkman still sold fresh milk door to door, hangop was made  from milk that became sour and getting thick. Culinary information Ingredients: Full… Continue Reading →

Feta cheece spring roll

Cultural Background A spring roll is originally a Chinese dish that has found entrance in the Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai cuisine. There are articles. Mostly spring rolls are eaten as a starter of snack. Culinary information Ingredients: 1400… Continue Reading →

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