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Multiplier event at alte mensa of the Kiezküchen company in Berlin

“NIK – Newcomers in the Kitchen”, a European project aims to integrate young people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds into the world of education and work through cooking together. At the same time, young people are to be enabled… Continue Reading →

Pre-Christmas cooking session in Berlin

Our pre-Christmas cooking session took place on 3.12.2019 at Salon Sari-Sari in Berlin. All the participants were invited to bring their favourite recipes and share them with the others. Result: a colourful table full of delicious dishes from around the… Continue Reading →

Cooking with refugees to promote the hotel and hospitality industry

The cooking and multiplier event in the project Newcomers in Kitchen took place on 12.04. 2019 in the Brillat-Savarin school, OSZ Gastgewerbe Berlin, Germany’s biggest vocational school, with a focus on the hotel and hospitality industry. Initiated by the colleagues… Continue Reading →

Give Something Back To Berlin

Give Something Back To Berlin (GSBTB) is an award-winning project platform and network fostering community integration, intercultural dialogue and participation among Berlin’s diverse migrant populations. They work as a connector, creator and catalyst for all sorts of grassroots driven social… Continue Reading →

Christmas cooking session in Germany

Christmas time can be so tasty and relaxing: at the end of the year 2018 our partner Bildungsmarket in Germany took the opportunity to have a cooking event with  participants from Iran Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ghana, Gambia… Continue Reading →

Kiezküchen at Hilton in Berlin

30 employees from Hilton Berlin spent a culinary day together with 30 refugees from Arrivo-Hospitality and other kiezküchen-projects. The program: get to know the industry, preparation of a tasty dinner, practice job interviews and most important getting in contact for… Continue Reading →

Cooking events with refugees in Berlin

Late summer 2018 our partner Bildungsmarkt in Berlin started their activities in a first brainstorming session. This session took place during a cooking event involving refugees participating in their project Hospitality with ARRIVO Berlin. The hospitality industry is growing in… Continue Reading →


Cultural background Thieboudienne is a traditional dish from Northwestern Africa. It is made from fish, rice and tomato sauce and offers slight variations according to specific local/national preferences. Other ingredients often include onions, carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes and peanut oil…. Continue Reading →

Mirza ghasemi

Cultural background Mirza ghasemi is a Persian eggplant dish with origins in the northern region of Iran. This vegetarian dish is made with just a few ingredients such as eggplants and tomatoes. It can be served as an appetizer or main dish… Continue Reading →

Königsberger Klopse – German Meatballs in white caper Sauce

Cultural background This recipe for meatballs in white sauce or königsberger klopse is actually meatballs (klopse) prepared in the style of Königsberg. Until 1946, Königsberg was a city in East Prussia (now Poland) that was once part of Germany. This… Continue Reading →

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