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Home made pesto

Cultural Background Pesto is an Italian sauce, originally made by grinding and mixing; olive oil, basil leaves, garlic, sea salt, pecorino and/or parmesan cheese, and pine nuts. The ingredients where being grinded together inside a mortar, hence the name ‘pesto’… Continue Reading →

Gurkensalat (Cucumber-Dill Salad)

Cultural background This German cucumber-dill salad, or gurkensalat, in a vinegar-and-sugar dressing, is a winning combination of flavors that makes a refreshing summer salad that goes well with many types of meat, especially pork. If dill and red onion isn’t… Continue Reading →

Vegetable spring rolls

Cultural background Maria Seppälä, 31 year-old, mother of two, from Philippines. Maria was born in Manila, the capital of the said country. For over 1,78 million people living in Manila, food is the main necessity. “In Philippines we eat three… Continue Reading →


Cultrural background My name is Kabir, and I am a 19 year old from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is located in the middle of Asia, and there are 37 million people in Afghanistan. Kabul is the capitol of Afghanistan, and there are… Continue Reading →

Saaristolaisleipä – Finnish Archipelago Bread

Cultural background My name is Anniina. I am 35 years old from West coast of Finland. I am married to a Scottish man & have four children. As I have been busy as a mother & housewife, I have little… Continue Reading →

Grilled Spicy Aubergine

Cultural background Official name: Arab republic of Egypt Form of government: republic Capital: Cairo Population: 87, 562, 261 persons Official language: Arabic The Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs Money: Egyptian pound, guinay Area: 1,001,449 square kilometres Major mountain… Continue Reading →

Smørstegte kartofler – Butter fried potatoes

Cultural background Population 5,770,000 people København (Copenhagen) is the capital of Denmark. People in Denmark speak Danish, English and German. Denmark is coastal lowland. There is a Monarchy The land is democratically ruled The main religion is Christianity. In Denmark,… Continue Reading →

Lahma-bi-ageen – Syrian meat pizzas

Cultural background Population 18,389,000 people Damascus is the capital of Syria. It is the oldest continuously lived-in city in the whole world. Most people in Syria are Muslim. A few are Jewish or Christian. People in Syria speak Arabic, Armenian,… Continue Reading →

Baba Ganoush

Cultural background The Oxford English Dictionary defines “baba ganoush” as “a Middle Eastern (originally Lebanese) dish of puréed roasted aubergine, garlic, and tahini.” Often other ingredients are added, like mint, onions, and various spices. It is a typical meze (‘starter’)… Continue Reading →

Italian Peperonata: Cod spread on bread

Cultural background The peperonata is a very tasty summer side dish, ideal as an accompaniment to delicate meats or fish. It is a very ancient typical Mediterranean recipe, perhaps coming from the Hellenistic tradition, it is very popular and appreciated… Continue Reading →

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