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Roasted parsnip and sweet potato with caper vinaigrette

Culinary Information Ingredients: 40 parsnips 40 red onions 110/2 dl olive oil 40 springs of thyme 20 sprigs of rosemary 10 head of garlic cut in half horizontally 20 medium sweet potatoes 300 cherry tomatoes 20 tablespoons of lemon juice… Continue Reading →

Kafta tagine

Cultural background A tagine, or tajine (a Berber dish named after the pot itself), is a slow-cooked stew that is baked and served in an terra cotta dish with a conical lid. More common to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, tagine cooking has also become quite popular in… Continue Reading →

Couscous salad

Cultural background Couscous is rough grounded durum wheat and originates from North Africa. Because couscous was always being prepared in a keskes, the dish became known as kuskus. The cooking pot was called keskes because it has the form of two cups…. Continue Reading →

Italian Tomato-soup

Cultural Background Italian tomato soup is known in Italy as ‘Zuppa di Pomodora’ and is often prepared on weekends for the whole family. ‘Zuppa di Pomodora’ is a tomato soup with a tasty but very thick structure. Due to the… Continue Reading →

Feta cheece spring roll

Cultural Background A spring roll is originally a Chinese dish that has found entrance in the Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai cuisine. There are articles. Mostly spring rolls are eaten as a starter of snack. Culinary information Ingredients: 1400… Continue Reading →

Hochzeitssuppe – German Wedding soup

Cultural background Hochzeitssuppe (wedding soup) is a clear, German soup based on chicken broth, fortified with chicken meat, small meatballs (Fleischklößchen), asparagus heads, noodles and savory egg custard garnish (Eierstich). Sometimes raisins are added as well. Hochzeitssuppe is eaten in… Continue Reading →

Badenjane Borani

Cultural background Badenjani Borani is a classic starter from Afghanistan. It is made from fried eggplants, peeled tomatoes, potatoes, low-fat curd and garlic. This recipe was handed in by Mohammad, originally from Afghanistan, who moved to Berlin in 2015. Culinaiy… Continue Reading →

Vegetable spring rolls

Cultural background Maria Seppälä, 31 year-old, mother of two, from Philippines. Maria was born in Manila, the capital of the said country. For over 1,78 million people living in Manila, food is the main necessity. “In Philippines we eat three… Continue Reading →

Saaristolaisleipä – Finnish Archipelago Bread

Cultural background My name is Anniina. I am 35 years old from West coast of Finland. I am married to a Scottish man & have four children. As I have been busy as a mother & housewife, I have little… Continue Reading →

Tarteletter med høns I asparges – Hens in asparagus served in patty shell, Denmark

Cultural background Population 5,770,000 people København (Copenhagen) is the capital of Denmark. People in Denmark speak Danish, English and German. Denmark is coastal lowland. There is a Monarchy The land is democratically ruled The main religion is Christianity. In Denmark,… Continue Reading →

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