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Cultural background Thieboudienne is a traditional dish from Northwestern Africa. It is made from fish, rice and tomato sauce and offers slight variations according to specific local/national preferences. Other ingredients often include onions, carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes and peanut oil…. Continue Reading →

Mirza ghasemi

Cultural background Mirza ghasemi is a Persian eggplant dish with origins in the northern region of Iran. This vegetarian dish is made with just a few ingredients such as eggplants and tomatoes. It can be served as an appetizer or main dish… Continue Reading →

Königsberger Klopse – German Meatballs in white caper Sauce

Cultural background This recipe for meatballs in white sauce or königsberger klopse is actually meatballs (klopse) prepared in the style of Königsberg. Until 1946, Königsberg was a city in East Prussia (now Poland) that was once part of Germany. This… Continue Reading →

Kalter Hund – Cold Dog Cake – No Bake Chocolate Cookie Cake

Cultural background This traditional German chocolate cake is called “Kalter Hund”. It is made by alternating layers of butter cookies and chocolate cream. Literally translated it means “cold dog”. This classic treat is sometimes also referred to as “Kalte Schnauze”… Continue Reading →

Hochzeitssuppe – German Wedding soup

Cultural background Hochzeitssuppe (wedding soup) is a clear, German soup based on chicken broth, fortified with chicken meat, small meatballs (Fleischklößchen), asparagus heads, noodles and savory egg custard garnish (Eierstich). Sometimes raisins are added as well. Hochzeitssuppe is eaten in… Continue Reading →

Gurkensalat (Cucumber-Dill Salad)

Cultural background This German cucumber-dill salad, or gurkensalat, in a vinegar-and-sugar dressing, is a winning combination of flavors that makes a refreshing summer salad that goes well with many types of meat, especially pork. If dill and red onion isn’t… Continue Reading →


Cultural background Gulasch is a traditional dish from Austria and Hungary with regional variations in a number of central/eastern european countries. It is a common dish in Germany since the late 19th century. The main ingredients are meat – either… Continue Reading →


Cultural background Ferni is a traditional dessert from Afghanistan. It consists of milk, sugar, rice noodles, rose-water and pistachios. fried eggplants, peeled tomatoes, potatoes, low-fat curd and garlic.This recipe was handed in by Jamshid, an Afghan-national, who moved to Berlin… Continue Reading →

Badenjane Borani

Cultural background Badenjani Borani is a classic starter from Afghanistan. It is made from fried eggplants, peeled tomatoes, potatoes, low-fat curd and garlic. This recipe was handed in by Mohammad, originally from Afghanistan, who moved to Berlin in 2015. Culinaiy… Continue Reading →

Vegetable – Borscht soup

Cultural background I am Viktorya Volenko, 48 years old and originally from Ukraine. I have lived 8 years in Finland, and before that 16 years in the United States. I have a 17 year old daughter who is studying cooking…. Continue Reading →

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